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What is Access Control and How Does it Impact the Multifamily Industry?

Access control is the process of determining who has permission to enter a defined space. Understanding “access control” begins with a simple question: Who can enter? It’s not as simple as turning a key in a lock. Advancing technology and the growing benefits of electronic locks mean access control must evolve past tracking who has a physical key.

Today, access control systems are high-tech and innovating constantly. In your average apartment building, residents have access to their unit, the pool, a community space, the gym, and so on. Access control with mechanical locks and keys complicated the situation even more by requiring residents to carry multiple keys and office staff to manage the headache of lost keys. Electronic access has allowed residents to access multiple locations with one key fob or mobile credential, and for property staff to seamlessly manage everything from their desk. Behind the scenes, access control solutions like Zentra ensure that the right keys are opening the correct doors, at the proper time.

Utilizing access control is one of the fastest-growing trends in the multifamily industry. The simple act of unlocking a door has been transformed into a highly secure but effective process that enhances security and makes the lives of the residents more convenient. Access control adds that essential layer of security that allows only verified individuals to enter. Additionally, it provides peace of mind to residents knowing that only authorized people can enter their living space. This assurance is vital for residents to feel secure in their multifamily property.

Electronic locks are proving to be a better fit than mechanical locks in multifamily. The resident experience has always been a major factor in attracting and retaining residents, and a seamless access control system paired with a quality electronic lock will raise the bar for any property.

Why Use Zentra Access Control Software?

As an owner of an apartment building, or even a dozen, you want to keep them as secure as possible. You understand the complexities of moving residents in and out, keeping access permissions tight, allowing visitors and vendors to access the property when necessary, and all while experiencing regular staff turnover. This is where access control software like Zentra steps in.

Zentra is one system to manage every access point on your property. From online perimeter to offline unit, your staff will be able to manage everything in one system. Even better, they can create access fobs and mobile credentials all from their desk. No more time wasted walking the property or changing out locks at move-out. Zentra was built and designed around the specific needs of multifamily which creates simple workflows that are quick to learn. Your residents want seamless access between all their access points on the property with one credential, and your staff wants a single system that is easy to use, with Zentra you can have it all.

As an Allegion company, Zentra was built in-house to pair perfectly with the best-in-class hardware, Schlage. The Zentra plus Schlage solution is here to create property efficiency and streamline operations. If you are looking to make the jump from mechanical to electronic access, we are here to help you understand the process and benefits. Additionally, if you are looking to switch to an all-in-one system, we can help you transfer your data seamlessly with little to no interruption to your day-to-day activities.

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