Embracing the Future: 4 Reasons to Switch from Mechanical Locks to Electronic Locks

As a property manager, you are constantly seeking ways to provide residents with a secure and convenient property experience. Historically, mechanical locks were not only a great way to go about this, but the only way. While traditional mechanical locks have served us well, it’s time to look at the future of multifamily with electronic locks.

Here are four compelling reasons why multifamily properties need to consider moving from mechanical to electronic locks.

1. Electronic Locks Enhance Security

Security is a top priority for any multifamily property, and electronic locks offer advanced security features that surpass their mechanical counterparts. With electronic locks, the risk of unauthorized entry is significantly reduced. Locks like the Schlage Control® Smart Lock utilize sophisticated encryption technology and unique access codes or credentials, making them resistant to picking or manipulation.

2. Seamless Access Control Software

Managing access for many residents and guests can be complex and time-consuming. However, electronic locks provide a convenient and efficient solution when paired with access control software. With an access control system like Zentra, you have visibility into who has access to what. You can move residents in and out from your desk or create a credential for a vendor to gain access to a unit at a specific time.

3. Electronic Locks Create Flexibility and Control

Electronic locks offer unparalleled flexibility and control for access management. Unlike mechanical locks that require physical changes, such as rekeying, when residents move out or keys are lost, electronic locks allow property managers to easily and remotely update credential information to keep the property secure. This level of control simplifies the process of managing resident turnover, enhances security, and saves time and resources. Also, electronic locks allow temporary access to contractors or service providers, further enhancing operational efficiency.

4. Streamlined Operations and Cost Savings

Electronic locks offer the opportunity for streamlined operations and cost savings in multifamily properties. Not only allowing for efficiency at the property level, but at the portfolio level too. Access Control systems like Zentra allow a property manager to see all their units in one system to pull reports and check audit logs across multiple properties.

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of electronic locks in your multifamily property, it’s time to make the switch. Your residents will appreciate the increased security and convenience, and you’ll enjoy the operational efficiencies that come with electronic access management.

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